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International yoga day

International yoga day
Worldwide yoga is famous since last 3/4 decade's and is popularizing more after 21 st June declared as a yoga day.
According to me, as an Ayurvedic discipline follower, now a days there is no need to popularize yoga but to popularize it in its authentic structure.
Yoga is is not just a exercise, it's not just a tool to keep body in shape, in dynamic and Elastic posture or it's not slimming tool or it's not only a meditation tool. Yoga is beyond all these or includes all these factors and much more. Moreover yoga is a Lifestyle which is prescribed through Ashtanga Yoga. Nowadays very few knows yoga as a life science. Very few learn authentic principles of Yoga shastra. To many people, yoga is only few exercises and Pranayam.
In addition to this many new forms of yoga are coming up like mushrooms everyday and every part of the world. No doubt yogashastra has that much potential that you can have a drop from the ocean of yoga and can manipulate it in your own way. But at the end it's not Yoga Shastra.... you may call it a version or remix.
Maharishi Patanjali has described eightfold yoga that is ashtang Yoga. Yam, Niyam, Asan, Pranayam, Dhyan, dharna, pratyahar and Samadhi are eight main paths of yogashastra.
Yoga is a disciple to improve or develop once inherent power in a balanced manner. It offers the means to attain complete self-realization. The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word yoga is "Yoke". Yoga can therefore be defined as a means of uniting the individual spirit with the universal spirit of God. According to Maharshi Patanjali
योगस्तु चित्तवृत्ति निरोध:!
Yoga is the suppression of modifications of the mind. Yoga literally mean "Union". This can be understood on different levels- philosophically, religiously, psychologically, emotionally. Most people think of yoga as a Hatha yoga. Nowadays hot yoga, Aqua yoga, beer yoga etc. have emerged. But yoga is primarily spiritual discipline and there are many types of yoga. Some of the most well known are Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Gnyan yoga and Raja Yoga. So it's a need of time on this occasion of yoga day, understand yoga as a life science with its eightfold path.