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'Me and My Liver'

You will get surprised to read the title ‘Me and My Liver’, but we will start our health discussion with our beloved organ “Liver”.

Liver is the most vital organ of the body like lungs and kidneys. You can live with single kidney, single ling of course with proper diet and exercise. But we have one liver which plays important role in metabolism i.e चयापचय

“चयापचय” not only restricted with metabolism but it has very wide meaning in Ayurveda. Since the foetal development liver starts its working i.e manufacturing of blood cells. Though it has been said that it produces blood cells only during foetal stage, but Ayurevda has mentioned “Liver” as root of ‘Rakthavaha Strotas’ which is the system to produce blood i.e रक्त. Even Acharyas has mentioned that during foetal development means organogenesis, liver is produced by blood “यकृत प्लीहानौ शोणितौ”

Ayurveda has main motto

“स्वथस्य स्वास्थ रक्षणम”

So today will discuss only for healthy liver. As I have mentioned, liver is “अग्नि स्थान” whatever food we eat, it gets digested in stomach and turns into “Rasadhatu”. This Rasadhatu enters in liver. Here the toxin are eliminated or filtered and turns to blood, which circulates all over the body through proper circulation and nourishes us we all know that liver is important for fat metabolism, protein digestion, produces important enzymes and hormones, break down and recycles glycogen storage.

As it is our primary detoxification organ. It protects deep tissue

It protects deep tissue from harm from toxins. Over exposure such as alcohol, some drugs, environmental pollutants, excessive sour and salty and पैत्तिक foods, mental ill health like anger, frustration, distress etc adversely impact the liver health, later shows some side effects on the body as well.

Fortunately liver has its own capacity to heal itself. For that we must offer him some mental and physical diet.

How to keep my liver healthy

1) Maintain healthy weight and diet.

    If you are obese, then alert its alarming sign for you. As I have mentioned above, liver helps in fat metabolism,         protein digestion + carbohydrate metabolism. Liver is important for digestion. It digestion hampers, then “Ama” in     the main cause for all disease in future. To avoid this Ayurveda has explained अन्न आहार विधिविशेष आयातन               (Rules to eat food)   

    (We will discuss this in next writing)

    a) Eat your food which is easy to digest.

    b) Eat food which is prepared in less oil and Ayurvedic recipe technique as well.

    c) Don’t overeat

    d) Don’t eat fast or very slow.

    e) After sunset no food.

    f) Eat only and only when you are hungry.

    g) Avoid food which has chemicals, preservation and extremely sour and salty.

    h) Avoid all junk food.

    i) No alcohols, cold drinks, smoking and tobacco and soon.

2) Keep your mental health fit.

    Anger, frustration stress all leads to vitiation of “Pitta” Sadhak Pitta (one of the 5 types of pitta) get vitiated which     ultimately leads patient to different mental dysfunction. Parallel vitiated pitta leads to vitiated blood, its gets               impured and ama production leads to Kleda formation. All these land up into diabetes, cardiac issues, skin               disorders and mental dysfunction.

    So keep yourself mentally fit by observing pranayam, yoga practices and meditations.

3) Exercise Regularly

    Physical exercise is must for everyone. It improves your metabolism which keeps you physically fit and also             secretion of endorphin which keeps you mentally fit.

4) Avoid chemicals unprescribed drugs, junk food, extraspices, salty food and pollutants.

5) Last but not least whenever your body gives you any ill signals please see your ‘Doctor’ as early as possible

                                                                                            “Dr. Sujata Bauskar, SIFA Member”