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World asthma day

World asthma day :-
Between 100 and 150 million people around the globe suffer from asthma and this number is rising worldwide, deaths from this condition have reached over 180000 annually.
India has an estimated 15 - 20 million asthmatics.
Asthma is a common public health problem in developed as well as developing countries. And it has major effect on efficacy and financial status of the deceased .
What is asthma?
As all know most of the time it is in attack phase, consisting of breathlessness and wheezing. According to Ayurveda it is the disease of Pranavaha srotas. one can easily recognize patient of asthma from a distance also.
Causes of asthma???
According to Allopathy allergy is the most common cause. According to Ayurveda allergy to dust, smell, pollen grains, cold ect is one of the reasons.
To understand asthma one should understand Pranavaha strotas and respiration that is Shwasan according to Ayurveda. Respiration function is carried out in the region called urasthan. nostrils, nasal pathway (snake shape), mouth cavity, kantha nadi, apastambha nadi , urasthan, lungs and pranvaha strotas. This is all respiratory track. Healthiness of these organs (anatomically and physiologicaly) leads to normal respiration.
So any causes contributing abnormalities in above can lead to asthma.
According to Ayurveda causes creating dysfunction in hruday that is heart and mahastrotas that is digestive system plays important role to create asthma.
Treatment of asthma :-
Many types of asthma are curable according to Ayurveda and can be managed very well. Shaman, shodhan and Rasayan chikitsa helps to cure asthma. Snehan - Sweden plays a dramatic role in the treatment of asthama.
Maintenance and prevention of asthma :-
Controlled diet, periodical vamana and virechana ( Deha Shuddhi treatment), Pranayam and cardiovascular exercises prevents frequent attacks of asthma leading the diseased to the normal life.