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Autistic Pride Day

SIFA Pvt Ltd trying for awareness about Ayurveda in different health problems,as a part publishing a article on... *Autism*

Today is.. *Autistic Pride Day*

*Autism, Autistic Spectrum disorder* this word came into existence in 1943 and this Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD) society start knowing about it.

This is neurodevelopmental disorder tremendously impact's normal brain function, marked impairment in reciprocal social and interpersonal interaction ,lack of awareness and repetitive stereotype behaviour are some signs of autism.

The onset of Autism is seen from 2 1/2 years and multiple behaviour problem are seen so mostly term as Autistic Spectrum Disorder. In Ayurveda science clear cut reference describing similar symptoms of buddhi ( बुद्धी)is explained....

*पंचमे मन प्रति बुद्धी तरम् भवति ।* सू .शा. 3 / 30

If in child awareness is not develop reasons lies within parent's बीज दुष्टी and more of असम्यक गर्भिणी पारीचर्या ।

Mind( मन) starts it's minor function inside a womb of mother, this tender mind is highly sensitive if gets irritated or affected shows a signs either Autism or ADHD. Ayurveda insist for *गर्भिणी परिचर्या* - A life style for pregnant women to avoid this problem in children's.

One more thing of *शुक्र.आतर्व शुद्धी* .....A detoxification of male sperm cells and female egg cell before conception is important to avoid *इंद्रिय मन बुद्धी दोष* । is mentioned in ayurved text .

Children suffering from these problems can get help with ayurved ghrut medicine ( Ghee base medicine ) can be taken for longer duration to improve alertness, cognitive development and attention span.

Autism spectrum kid is a different kind of handicapped, he requires support from everyone to be a part of society.
*SIFA* as a part of social responsibility tries to help these kids.

*Dr Uday Joshi*
SIFA , Team member.